Our translation agency’s motto is excellence, which results from our many years of experience and outstanding results.
We translate documents in the fields of technology, science, law, history, literature, sociology and marketing.
Each translation is revised by a second translator and, if the client requires it, also by a professional specialist. You are in the best hands!

Areas of expertise


Specialized translation in the humanities, in the fields of linguistics, literature, art, social sciences and history

At B&LS we have specialized translators in literature, history, sociology, art and philology.
We are aware that it is absolutely fundamental for every author that his academic text or newspaper article has the same linguistic quality and the right content in the target language. A poorly translated text could well damage the author’s reputation abroad, which is why all translations are checked for accuracy and completeness by a native-speaker specialist after completion. Maintaining the style and intention of the author is very important to us.

Text categories:

  • Journalistic texts
  • Literary texts
  • History and sociology texts
  • Dissertations, master and doctoral theses
  • Manuals, etc.


Technical and Scientific translation

The translation of technical – scientific documents is one of the most complex and currently most sought-after services today. A specialist translator must not only have a command of both languages, but also have excellent knowledge of the subject. Our team has expert technical translators with specialist expertise, which guarantees the quality of each translation before completion, enabling them to meet our demanding quality standards.

Documents Expertise:

  • Automotive industry
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Telecommunications technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Consumer electronics operating instructions
  • Food and luxury food industry
  • Textile industry
  • Patents
  • ISO standards
  • Medicine


Business Translation

Financial, economic and accounting fields


Documents from these fields contain very sensitive data and therefore must be processed with the utmost care by experienced specialist translators. Checking the quality and accuracy of such translations is essential and our highest priority.

All our employees sign confidentiality agreements. We can issue further non-disclosure agreements at the request of the customer.

Types of documents:


  • Annual, monthly and quarterly reports
  • Balance sheets and income statements
  • Financial Reports
  • Asset valuation
  • Accounting books
  • Invoices
  • Product or securities information brochures
  • Press releases with financial content
  • Financial or economic press articles
  • Training manuals


Translation of Marketing Materials and Documents


Today, the marketing department is one of the main pillars in large corporations transforming ideas into practice using the marketing theory of 7Ps. We are aware of the importance of each category of service marketing (Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Personal, Process and Physical environment) and as language specialists we believe that we can play a strong role in some of these categories. Often, the efforts and resources invested in design and packaging goes to waste when not enough emphasis is placed on a consistent and coherent product or campaign narrative. The Marketing industry is not about simple translation, but about the appropriate transfer of content, taking into account the linguistic and cultural characteristics of the target language.


Types of documents:


  • Tags
  • Product presentation brochures
  • Websites
  • Advertising
  • Announcements
  • Press releases, etc.


Translation of Legal Documents and Procedures

Legal translation is an extremely complicated field of translation, as it requires the translator to have specialized knowledge of the respective legal systems, a mastery of the relevant legal terminology and, finally, excellent language skills in both languages so as not to miss a single nuance.

In order to guarantee high quality, legal translations at B&LS are handled exclusively by highly qualified translators.

Often, because of the difference between the legal systems of each country, there are no exact semantic equivalents between two terms. In order not to make mistakes, the legal translation is usually quite accurate.

However, at B&LS we understand that a law firm, a tax consultancy or a consulting firm needs to know what the equivalent term in Spanish would be, in order to better understand what stage a certain administrative or judicial procedure of their client is at. In case our client demands it, we would add this information in an appendix to the translation.

Types of documents:

  • Lawsuits, trials, sentences, appeals and court records
  • Court or arbitration proceedings
  • Powers of attorney and notarial acts
  • Insurance policies and expert reports
  • Patents, copyrights and licenses for the use of intellectual property
  • Corporate resolutions and minutes of shareholders’ meetings
  • Articles of Association and Statutes
  • Contracts or agreements binding on companies or individuals
  • Administrative texts of all kinds


Our Process

1. We receive the document and your specifications

You send us the document by e-mail or contact us using the online contact form. Detail your needs, such as the deadlines, the languages, the characteristics of the text, etc., so that we have the right working approach, taking into account the information provided.

2. Budget Estimate

After we have carefully analyzed your request, i.e. word count, text format, difficulty and special features of the text, you will receive a cost estimate within one working day.

3. Order Confirmation

The client has a period of thirty days to accept the estimate or propose any modifications. Once the estimate has been accepted, we will assign a reference person to the client who will keep them informed of the progress of the project until it is delivered.

4. Translation

We select the right specialist translator from our extensive translation network. All translators are subject to confidentiality agreements.

5. Revision

Before delivery, all our translations are proofread by a second specialist translator.

6. Delivery and follow-up

We will send the project in the agreed format and through the agreed channels. The reference person will contact the client to ensure that the translation meets expectations. They will also be available to the client for any questions.

You are welcome to discuss any adjustments with your contact person (within 30 days).

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