Language Consulting

Language Consulting
Over the last few years, we at B&LS have seen an increasing demand for linguistic services, and therefore we have decided to meet the linguistic needs of our clients with efficient and customized solutions.
To this end, we offer our clients our accumulated experience in international trade and cultural exchange between Spain, Germany, England and France.
Our aim is to become a trusted partner for our clients in this area and to assist them in their relations with foreign trade partners and authorities.
At B&LS we listen carefully to each client in order to offer them a highly personalized service. Every problem has a suitable solution. Let us find it together!


Express and Abridged Document translation services

We understand that many companies cannot afford formal translation of all mail and documents they receive. At B&LS we believe this shouldn’t mean they should not forego a possible business relationship with a foreign business partner or risk incorrectly process communications from foreign authorities.
Thanks to our service of “Express and Abridged translations”, our clients can rest assure they fully understand foreign communications while saving on translation costs.


International Affairs Outsourcing Service

Language is the key to building and strengthening flawless relationship with foreign business partners or authorities. By writing emails in the language of the recipient, you will not only be able to better represent what your company demands or offers, but you will also be able to demonstrate your commitment, seriousness and efficiency.
Foreign administrations prefer correspondence to be in their own language. At B&LS we help up make sure you do so avoiding any misunderstandings quickly and efficiently.


Language and cultural service in support of international trade

Do you have to prepare an international trade fair or do you intend to invite your business partner to visit you? The success of these meetings depends on an impeccable organization and exceptionally tailored preparations that meets the expectations of all parties.
In cooperation with your team, we will assist you to organize the visit of your foreign partner or wholesaler, advising and planning the activities. We will adapt your activities and event program to the commercial and cultural expectations of your business partner, who will thus immediately recognize you as a reliable business partner, committed to building a cordial and serious business relationship.
B&LS can also provide interpreters and cultural consulting services to trade fairs or negotiations. If you need our presence in a meeting or visit of your foreign partner or wholesaler, we will be happy to be part of your team. Let us help you work out the strategy for your meeting and we will put our experience and know-how at your service.
Trust us, it is worth it.

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