Is it worthwhile to hire a career consultant to find a job? Can a consultant optimize your career development?


Realizing our full professional potential and understanding how to successfully overcome challenges that arise at work often requires an outsider fresh perspective. A skilled professional with extensive experience and a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial microcosm can help us elucidate new career paths and growth opportunities, we might not recognize ourselves.

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Professional Development Coaching

For over 20 years, we have helped our clients develop their professional careers and advised them on how to find jobs that will allow them to grow professionally.
We approach collaboration with our clients as going far beyond regular CV writing services, one resume fits 100 applications, we are invested in developing a partnership. Who are you? What transversal talents and innate skills are you possibly overlooking or underplaying when apprising yourself and considering positions within your reach?
It is about knowing what we are looking for, discovering what profile you offer and finding the company to which you feel you can not only contribute something but where you can develop personally and professionally. This unique approach to collaboration with our clients is what has allowed us to obtain optimum results over the years.
At B&LS, working with our clients, we select target companies, tailor resumes and prepare interviews.
And of course: confidentiality is absolute.


Building a strong résumé

Writing our résumé can be daunting experience, we often don’t know where to start. What to include on it, what to leave out and how to highlight what will set us apart from other candidates requires a thorough and diligent self- appraisal in regards to our desired job market.
Every details matters. What format, style, colors, photo (when appropriate) and how you first present yourself through a concise but accurate account of our qualities and work experience shapes the first impression you’ll make and will determine whether or not your resume takes you to interview stage.